Friday, October 10, 2008

Wheat Dough

There's a really amazing team of women who go around Utah Valley teaching sisters how to make bread/anything with dough. Their business is called "Pantry Secrets". I learned about them when I attended one of their classes at my mother-in-laws enrichment night. They taught us how to make a really simple and quick recipe for bread dough. With this dough they made pizza, cinnamon twists, bread, breadsticks, raspberry cream cheese braids, and probably more just in that night. Their secret ingredient is called Soy Lethicin which takes place of the oil. Because of this the recipe is also food storage friendly. This was really exciting for me because I really don't know how to use the wheat in my food storage. Now I do! That night they taught us they used bread flour because it has more gluten but they said wheat works good too. I bought a years supply of soy lethicin (it stores forever she says) which only cost me $28! It was really enlightening fore me. Since then my mother in law and I have made a few batches of bread dough both white and wheat and everything has turned out pretty good! We've made pizza's the most and for conference I made cinnamon rolls.

Anyways, I posted some pictures of some pizza I made the other night with wheat dough. The difference this time was that I ground my own wheat (well Andrew did most of it) with a hand grinder and mixed it by hand (Andrew really did help a lot :). So, now I know how to make pizza using my food storage and no electricity! I'll post the recipe and I'll try to describe how to do it but if you want there's a DVD these ladies made you can buy from their site.

10 1/2 cups bread flour or wheat flour
1 T salt
3 heaping Tablespoons of yeast
1/2 cup honey (or you can use sugar)
3 T Soy lethicin (it's too sticky for normal Tablespoons so she just squeezes 3 quarter size blogs into the dough)
3 cups very hot tap water

First you get all your dry ingredients (flour, salt, and yeast)-kitchen aid I've heard can only handle half a batch at a time. A bosch works the best or you can do it by hand like me :)
Then add the soy lethicin and honey and then 3 cups of hot water. Once the 3 cups is mixed in if it looks too dry add more water. The dough consistancy should be pretty soft and easy to work with (softer than normal dough you would make). After all the waters in let it knead (in the bosch or by hand) for five minutes with bread flour and ten with wheat flour. Then the dough is done and ready for whatever you want to make. But I really suggest getting the DVD because it tells you how to make rolls, pizza, desserts, buns, and so much more. It's great. Plus they explain much better how to make the dough.

They had this great idea of making stuffed crust with string cheese! So easy. They just rolled the dough past the edge of the pan and lined it with halves of string cheese and then folded the dough over it. So clever!

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